Interdimensional Landscapes are meditative images of macro photography art

Artist Statement

It is my intention to inspire creativity, beauty and joy.

A Personal Vision
Glass shows the way to discovery

Meditative images: color healing, art for transformationIt is with gratitude that I am able to share these images. They developed as the answer to a call to recreate a particular internal experience. In some of my favorite meditations, I find myself in large fields of liquid, smoke-like undulating, healing color that shifts and changes in the most incredible and delicious ways.

It has taken quite a while to discover how to make any sort of representation of this experience.

Not paint, not watercolor; nothing I tried was able to come even close. It was only when I started working with glass, a particular type of glass, that I began to see something happen. It is the liquid nature, the transparency and clarity of color in the glass that started to give me the hints. When I add to that macro photography, digital possibility, and then the capacity to print large what initially lives only in a tiny world, I swim in appreciation for what continues to emerge. It has always been that Spirit speaks to me in color, and with these ongoing discoveries, I am delighted to be able to share what I find.

Inspire Consciousness
My sense of life's important purpose

Meditative images: visionary artIf our life on earth is a journey and not a destination, then so is artistic expression, creative endeavor, and the art of transformation. These are most definitely intertwined.

And if these are inspired by and made manifest through Spirit, then the way I see it, an artist's process is none other than a Spiritual Practice. And again, the way I see it is that the journey is all about consciousness.

My intention for the images I make is this. A prayer goes with them. I hope that people find in them rest, relaxation, or a pause for renewal. May the color be healing. May the forms bubble and activate the curiosity for inspired creativity. May they provide sanctuary. May the energy that enlivened this work in the first place live on and be felt by those who respond to it.

I think step by step, little by little, we are all in a process of waking up and becoming more aware. On such a journey, we keep stretching to see and understand more, and slowly we include more of the rest of the world in our experience. My vision for this work is that it will make its own contribution to this process of our collective awakening.

Art and Spirituality
Thoughts on color and light

Meditative images: macro photographyWhen I talk about Spirit, what I mean is not always easy to explain, but I wish to talk about my personal view. The words "life force energy" could be a good second choice, but I like the word Spirit better. My feeling tells me that Spirit weaves and wafts its way from the invisible into the visible. It's easy to see that it inhabits all the living creatures, plants, trees and so on, and it might stretch to envision the life in all matter. But looking into some of our more recently understood science, I see that the line between what is alive and what isn't seems to disappear. It leaves us with the distinct possibility that water, earth, rocks, in fact our very planet are very much alive. This makes me happy. I choose to believe that this is true.

As human beings, we have an interactive relationship with light and with color. These things exist for us because of our complex system of perception that has to do with how our brains function, not because of their inherent existence.

It continues to amaze me how much is being discovered about how we actually perceive and what that means for our evolutionary process. It seems to me that color and light are the bridge between the seen and the unseen worlds. Color is healing and interacts with us in ways we don't always recognize.

My view is, also, that our perception is tuned to the possibility of ever increasing awareness. We can sharpen our hearing, open our vision, and open our hearts to stretch into more and more of who we are, as humans and who we are as a planet. We can be open to the very subtle, lightly perceptible inner world. We can respond to something that inspires us and feel something like joy, happiness, awe, or appreciation.

Calling all Artists, Calling all Angels
Envision your deepest treasure: a call to evolution

Meditative images: art and spiritualityThe beauty of being an artist is that we get to make the objective of our work be anything we want it to be. There are no rules about how to go about being an art maker, or what the purpose of a work is supposed to be. We get to make stuff that comes out of the pre-material world of thought and ideas. We are the magicians who create something out of thin air. We all have our individual personalities, egos, life understanding, values, idiosyncrasies, and even childhood wounds all gathering round the table to help give form to who we are and what we choose to put forth in the long and amazing journey of making art.

As artists, we are going to create from what is most vital and fascinating. There are billions of possible routes. Life force moves through the beautiful as well as the ugly. One person's ugly is only another person's beauty. There are no judges for this. We create from personal observations and experiences of ecstasy, trauma, death, trivia, devastation on the planet, and everything else we can think of. In this myriad of possible activity, the deeper questions that keep pressing into my thoughts are these:

Do we wish to participate in the largest creation possible? Do we wish to engage with a vision that includes all beings? Do we wish to put energy into the creation of a functional flowering world? What kind of life do we wish to participate with? And what do we want our life on this planet to really be about?

It seems to me that each person who engages in any kind of creativity at all has the responsibility to not only keep asking such questions, but even more specifically to now really begin to visualize some answers. It's my belief that it is our thoughts and our visions that collectively begin to coalesce into the reality we know as the present and from this present, our future is seeded. It is through us that consciously or unconsciously our thoughts are creating what comes into this world of form. So what are we thinking? And how do we respond to the events in our world? I deeply believe that now is the time for some of us to hold a very positive vision. Some of us, or maybe all of us need to hold the intention that we live creatively and abundantly here on this planet and that we live with marvelous appreciation and enormous respect for all the precious and amazing life that surrounds us in every direction.